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Eau de Toilette 10ml - Party Time

Eau de Toilette 10ml - Party Time

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Party Time

甜蜜的果香,夾雜著讓人陶醉的蜜桃甜味 果甜融合濃郁的花香,將香氣的整體變得更甜美, 感覺就像假日的派對般,讓你在沉重的工作後好好狂歡。 後調的香草更以提升整體的甜味,讓香氣散發更持久!




Size: 10ml

Sweet Fruity of Peach melt into the note of delightful floral Vanilla prominent the overall sweetness, make the scent more long-lasting. After 5 days work, let enjoy the crazy party with a glass of fruit punch.

Fragrance Note : Peach, Green, Floral, Vanilla, Powdery

Fragrance Strengths : ****



- Fine fragrance, ethanol

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